Massimiliano Lazzaretti – Biography

Composer, orchestrator, arranger, songwriter, conductor, artistic producer and accordionist. He graduated with honors in Composition at Conservatorio "A. Casella" - L'Aquila. He studied under the guidance of Matteo D'Amico, Ivan Vandor, Luis Bacalov, Carlo Crivelli, Sergio Prodigo, Elio Polizzi.

Versatile composer his work ranges from the soundtracks for cinema and television to absolute music and theater.
In 2016 he is nominated BEST ITALIAN COMPOSER of the year and wins the BEST SOUNDTRACK prize for the film "IL TRADUTTORE"

In 2008 he composed the soundtrack for the movie "Fratelli" directed by Andrea Di Bari with Primo Reggiani, Simone Gandolfo, Lina Bernardi, Nello Mascia.

In 2009 he worked on the soundtrack for Stefano Reali's TV movie "Lo scandalo della Banca Romana" with Rosario Fiorello, Lando Buzzanca, Andrea Osvart, Vincent Perez (awarded in 2010 at "Roma Fiction Fest" for the "Best Original Soundtrack"). In the same year he composed the soundtrack for Claudio Serughetti's documentary film "E' tuo il mio ultimo respiro?" produced by Cinecittà Luce, with Peter Gabriel, Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Bellocchio, Oliviero Toscani (world premiere at the "Rome Film Festival").

In 2010 he composed the soundtrack for the horror movie for Fox Crime TV "Il Velo di Waltz" directed by Sergio Stivaletti with Anna Foglietta (the movie won the prize for the "Best Original Soundtrack" at the first edition of '"Acciaio Film Festival"). In the same year he composed the soundtrack for TV serie for Mediaset "Al di là del lago" directed by Raffaele Mertes with Kaspar Capparoni, Roberto Farnesi, Gioia Spaziani, Fabio Testi. Still in 2010 he also composed two tracks for the movie "Natale in Sudafrica" directed by Neri Parenti and produced by Aurelio De Laurentis.

In 2012 he composed the soundtrack for the movie "Melina, con rabbia e con sapere" directed by Demetrio Casile (winner in 1987 of the Premio Solinas with the screenplay for the film "Un ragazzo di Calabria" by Luigi Comencini) with a special appearance by Pupi Avati and Antonio Avati. In the same year he worked on the soundtrack for the TV movie "Caruso" directed by Stefano Reali (the story of the great tenor Enrico Caruso).

In 2013 he worked on the soundtrack as orchestrator and programmer for Stefano Reali’s TV movie “Angeli”, with Raoul Bova.

In 2014 he composed additional music for the movie “La dama velata”, produced by Lux Vide.

In 2015 he composed the soundtrack for the movie “Il Traduttore”, by Massimo Natale with Claudia Gerini, Kamil Kula (world premiere February 25, 2016 at Chinese Theatre in Hollywood). In the same year he worked as additional composer, orchestrator, programmer and conductor for TV serie for Mediaset “Rimbocchiamoci le maniche”, with Sabrina Ferilli.

In 2016 he composed the soundtrack for the movie “I Love My Mum”, directed by Alberto Sciamma with Gerard Depardieu, Dominique Pinon, Giancarlo Giannini, Elain C Smith.

Other recognitions and awards: In 2008 for his work as a composer of classical music he was awarded the 2nd prize in the prestigious "International Composition Competition" organized by ISME in Brussels. In the same year his piece for choir "Ollie McGee" received the recognition at the first National Contest of Choral Composition "Opera Omnia" for the excellent link between text and music. In 2009, the Accademia Filarmonica Romana commissioned him the transcription of excerpts by J. Strauss performed by the Bernini Quartet during the New Year's concert at Palazzo Braschi's Museum in Rome.

He also works as orchestrator and supervisor for film and TV series of important Italian directors: Eros Puglielli, Umberto Marino, Cinzia Th Torrini, Ambrogio Lo Giudice, Giorgio Capitani, Salvatore Basile, Graziano Diana. Many of his compositions are often used for background music of TV and radio programs. As accordionist is a well known performer of soundtracks including "Benvenuti al sud", "Manuale d'amore 3", "Anche se è amore non si vede", "Benvenuti al Nord" and others.